Q: I am about to start building interior/outdoor concrete tables with rectangular tubular welded frames. Is it possible to recommend how best to fix the concrete top to the material frame? I'm not sure if it's better to cast some type of flanged nut in to the cement and bolt the body to it, or try something else. When there is some hardware that co… Read More

The Department of Environment, Community and MUNICIPALITY (DoECLG) has released water Services (Amendment) Act 2012 to regulate wastewater discharges from all homes that aren't connected to the general public sewer network. Onsite Wastewater Disposal , R. J. Perkins; Quoting from Amazon: This useful e book, co-published with the National Environmen… Read More

A septic tank is a self-contained wastewater treatment system that is situated underground. Septic tanks effectively and proficiently treat and get rid of household wastewater on site. In rural areas where site sizes are larger and homes can be spaced quite greatly apart, septic tanks can confirm a much more economical solution than central sewer s… Read More

There are various types of septic tanks. The picture shows the very best of a single compartment rectangular concrete tank, with three gain access to ports (green cylinders) located over the septic tank inlet, wall plug and middle. The most common septic tank variants are mentioned below. Strength - The service life of precast cement has been prove… Read More

Unsurpassed longevity. Reinforced with experienced engineering and tech support team. Often it's important to set up a precast cement grease interceptor or septic fish tank in a vehicular traffic area. We have a full type of traffic scored products including a 6,000-20,000 gallon Septic, Pump and Grease Tanks designed and approved to take care of H… Read More